Perks of Working with Your Personal Manager

At BGS Group we believe that if we do anything, we do it from the bottom of our hearts. These words perfectly describe the work of BGS Group’s personal managers that communicate with companies and clients doing the best to satisfy the business goals of delegates as this is the main aim of all our events.

It is important to understand the process of working and cooperating with the personal manager. From a fledgling interest in participating in the congress until exchanging the vision on the industry development after the event - the personal manager guides you all the way through. It is the person that is responsible for a comprehensive preparation of your company. So, do not hesitate telling him/her about your business interest and goals. 

These are 7 rules of productive work with the personal manager.

  1. Contact your personal manager directly.
    Your manager is an official representative of the Congress you are participating in. He/She knows all the details about the congress, so you can rely on the information that is provided to you. 

  2. Ask more questions.
    We will tell you the truth - we love questions. Your personal manager asks you the details in order to understand your goals and needs. And we believe that as more questions you have, as more profitable will be your participation.

  3. Tell what you expect.
    The personal manager’s aim is to bring your business goals to solutions. It will be incredibly helpful to know what you want to achieve at the Congress.

  4. Have requests.
    Do you need a new brochure? Or maybe you want to know who else is speaking at your session? Let us know you need it. 
    Are you interested in meeting specific companies? If you address your request directly to your personal manager, you will speed up the action a lot.

  5. Be prepared for the event.
    In order to get maximum benefit out of the event, you should have all necessary information for your preparation and the personal manager will provide you with it. If you do not know how to be well prepared, we are always ready to help you.

  6. Be ready to work.
    Your personal manager can guide you and support you. However the main activity - networking and negotiations - is left for you. You did a great job preparing for the Congress so let the things work.

  7. Share the feedback.
    All improvements come with the proper feedback. Share your ideas and thoughts with your personal manager and be sure that they will reach the right person. 

Whatever the format of the event is, every company and every participant is guided. Watch the video to know more about the clients’ feedback, and you will understand what perks our participants have got while working with their personal managers.

Article by Olga Prykina, Chief Project Manager at BGS Group

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