5 Artificial Intelligence Innovations That Transform The Future of Healthcare

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The applications of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare industry are wide-range, and more use cases will emerge in the future. As the interest is growing, dozens of startups come up with the revolutionary solutions. Let’s have a look at 5 innovations that make part of AI healthcare transformation.

New drug discovery

It takes an average of 12 years and $359 million to develop a new drug and test it while AI has the potential to significantly cut both time and cost. “AtomNet” from Atomwise is the first convolutional neural network for new drug discovery. It predicts the binding of molecules to proteins based on the statistics from experimental affinity measurements and protein structures.

Virtual assistance

To lift the administrative burden from doctors, IT companies create EHR-integrated, voice-enabled virtual AI assistants such as Suki. It records and automatically transcribes doctors’ conversations with patients and notes on the case and completes the data entry for EHR. Suki also adapts to the individual speaking style and becomes more personalized as physician uses it. In 2019 the company became Google Cloud Global Healthcare Solutions’ clinical digital voice assistant partner.

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Quick reaction

For life-threatening medical conditions, the speed of the diagnosis is crucial. developed an AI stroke detection platform that connects CT scanner to a hospital to detect a suspected large vessel occlusion (LVO) stroke and sends the radiological images to the stroke specialists’ smartphone immediately. AI utilises deep learning to identify patterns from millions of prior data. 


EyeControl, a wearable AI-powered device, gives a voice to the patients who can’t move or speak but retain cognitive ability to communicate. It tracks the eye movements to generate speech. With an earpiece the patient can hear the communication before it is sent to the output speaker. During the COVID-19 pandemic many medical facilities reached out to EyeControl to improve ICU conditions and lessen Coronavirus transmission.

Precise diagnosis

Maverick Medical AI created technology that analyzes patient documentation to identify risk factors and chronic conditions that could have been missed by physicians. The company's Clinical AI Cognition platform uses advanced machine learning to mimic the way specialists understand the clinical text and to translate it to structured data.

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Article by: Regina Chislova, Project director of AUTOMA+ Healthcare.


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