Rules for using site materials

BGS Group LLC (hereinafter – company) provides access to information materials and services located on this website.

We ask the users of our website to familiarize themselves with these terms of use of materials from this website. Any actions performed on this website imply that the user is familiar with these rules and unconditionally agrees with them.

The website owner's reserves the right to update or change the present rules.

All materials on this website, as well as the text and terms of the present rules, are the intellectual property of the website owner and are protected by copyright law.

The use of website materials should be understood as any reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, communication by cable and broadcast, import, rental, public performance, translation and other processing of materials and any other methods of use, regardless of whether the relevant actions are performed in for the purpose of making a profit or without such a purpose, whether the use of the materials is carried out in full or in part.

The use of the materials of the website or part of the materials of the website is allowed with the prior written permission of the Company to use the materials of the website, and the obligatory indication of the website as a source;

When using materials on the Internet, the user undertakes:

  • indicate the website as a source, and in addition indicate the author (s) of the material (if any) and the date of placement of the relevant material on the website;

  • put a direct active link to the website, which must remain permanently unchanged;

  • use hyperlinks open for indexing by search engines, do not use tags that exclude website indexing by search engines (noindex, nofollow, and any others);

  • do not use automatic redirection of the visitor from one URL to another in the links, i.e. do not use redirect in links;

In any case, the use of website materials should not unreasonably infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the Company.

The user, in order to obtain written permission to use the materials of the site, addresses the Company by e-mail: [email protected] with a corresponding request. The user's request for written permission to use the materials of the site must contain information about what materials from the site he intends to use, where and for what purpose such use is intended, as well as information about the user's intention to pay the appropriate remuneration to the Company.

The Company has the right to refuse any user in issuing permission to use the materials of the site, without explaining the reasons for such refusal.

Any use of the website materials means the user's consent to these rules. Any violation by visitors (users) of the rules for using the materials of the website entails liability in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of the state of the owner of the relevant materials and international legislation on copyright and related rights.

Last edit: 08-08-2023